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Aug 17

Belém – PA – Brazil (via Sonmi Lee)

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Feb 25

I think this is really the way of the future. The best teams are not
focusing so much on roles as they are on skills. The more skills
available across the team the better.

Jared Spool

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Oct 08

Recife – PE – Brazil

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May 06


Do not confuse your users: Good labels are important for a better user performance and to increase usability.

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Jul 10

Quick recipe for writing error messages: inform (1) WHAT went wrong, (2) WHY it happened, and (3) HOW to fix it.

by Filipe Levi on tweeter

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Jun 09


The chance of someone be blocked by mistake in this screen is very high. Since the distance between the actions of Accept and Block has only a few pixels…  a small slip with the mouse and you unintentionally will block someone.

Error prevention
Even better than good error messages is a careful design which prevents a problem from occurring in the first place. Either eliminate error-prone conditions or check for them and present users with a confirmation option before they commit to the action. (From Nielsen’s usability heuristics)

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May 22


While some displays stop working with a small hit or fall, this poor Nokia cellphone display continues working perfectly.

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Apr 24

Diversion Sign

Probably there was no diversion sign with a right arrow =P
I know diversion signs are quite self explanatory, but that was funny.

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Apr 20

No Spitting

Aboard a meticulously restored 1920′s biplane. San Diego, CA.

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Apr 03


Warnings are one of the common strategies for incorporating forgiveness in design.

Forgiveness in design helps prevent errors before they occur,  and minimize the negative consequences of errors when they do occur.

Road signs make roads more forgiving by warning drivers of impending hazards.

(From Universal Principles of Design book)

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